Yasar Habib

Give Yourself Time to Change

It’s only mid-January and already New Year resolution wheels are starting to come off.

You’ve started to snooze in the mornings, the motivation to exercise is fleeing, and you are bringing Netflix to bed, again.

The problem may be that you’re trying to change too much, too quickly. After-all, you live in a world that conditions you to believe the-quicker-the-better, and that more-is-good.

However, changing and improving yourself is a slow, long-term process. The bigger the goal, the longer it will take. Prepare for multi-year, even life long commitments. Quick tricks and easy fixes don’t apply when improving yourself.

If self-improvement was a race, imagine it to be a marathon, not the 100-meter dash. And for this journey, you need be slow and steady, like a tortoise.

Give yourself time, and treat yourself like you want others to treat you.