Yasar Habib

How to Start a Journal Habit

Journaling is a skill that helps you document your life. It has many benefits, some instant and some paying dividends over time. Journaling offers opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Over several years of striving to build a journaling habit, these are the lessons I’ve learned:

Start With Today

Feeling stuck and don’t know what to write? Recap your day and write about:

Recapping often sparks feelings and emotions. Write these out. Write how you felt or how you feel now. Write down whatever comes to mind.

Only for You

It doesn’t always have to make sense. No one else will read it. Write whatever you want. It’s yours to write, read, and reflect upon.

Read it Often

Reading your journal has benefits. It’s an opportunity to reflect and better understand yourself. After writing a journal entry, take a minute to read what you wrote the day before. Reading your entries to recap your week is also a good idea, and it only takes a few minutes.

Paper Journal

If you are looking for the perfect journal before you can start, stop now! Put all of your energy towards developing your habit of writing. Use whatever journal you have available and start writing today. Over time you’ll discover your likes and dislikes about journaling. Keep these preferences in mind when buying your next journal.

Digital Journal

Start by using the default note taking application on your smartphone or computer. Once you’ve developed your writing habit, you can find an app that suits your preferences.

Give it time

Developing new skills and building a writing habit takes time. If you a miss a day or twelve, it’s ok.
Pick it up again, and start writing today.

Be kind to yourself.