Yasar Habib

Driving Rideshare - 3 Keys to Success

Ride-sharing has become a popular phenomenon. Offering convenience to people needing a ride, and a source of income for those willing to drive.

Over the past few years I’ve accepted 700+ ride requests on apps like Uber and Lyft. I’ve maintained a high driver rating by focusing on customer experience.

These three keys have been the key to success in maintaining a high rating and getting exceptional reviews:

Clean Car

People appreciate a clean car. Clutter free with zero personal stuff.

List of things I keep in the car when driving for ride share services:

The rest of the cabin is completely empty and clutter free.

Having a routine is key. I spend 10-15 minutes every few days vacuuming and washing the car. And a weekly top-to-bottom deep clean of the interior keeps the car ready for the road.

Safe driving

My number one priority is to get the passenger safely to their destination in a timely manner.

When working, I only use my smart-phone for work. Keeping all other notifications off helps me avoid distractions.

Giving customers the safety they deserve by keeping my focus on the road goes a long way in maintaining a high rating (and staying alive).

Friendly customer service

Learning to read people is important. Within the first minute or so of the initial greeting I try and gauge if the person wants to chat or if they’d rather be left alone.

If they converse, I do my best to listen to what they have to say. At all costs, I stay away from going into complain mode or one-upping.

The radio is tuned to a local station at a low volume, and the cabin temperature is slightly on the colder side. But because different people have different needs, I always inform the passenger that they can have the music and temperature adjusted if needed. Most passengers appreciate this.

Bonus: My mantra is to treat passengers how I’d like to be treated. A quick stop for passengers’ early morning coffee, or a late night fast food drive-thru doesn’t necessarily earn extra money, but to me, kindness matters.