Yasar Habib

Do You Have a One-Upping Habit?

One-upping is defined as attempt to outdo, outperform, or outclass others during a conversation.

Are you one-upping? Ask yourself these questions:

When in conversation, do you:

If you answered yes, you may be a one-upper.

Regardless of your intention, one-upping has consequences. It negatively impacts conversations and your relationships with others.

Chronic one-upping can be a sign of insecurities connected to a lack of self-confidence, or low self-esteem. It can lead to inauthenticity, and be a barrier to meaningful conversations.

Prevent yourself from one-upping by aiming to have more meaningful conversations. The first step is to listen intently when others speak. Control your impulse to interrupt, and focus on what is being said. When it is your turn to speak, be authentic and honest.