Yasar Habib

Book Summary: 24/6 The power of unplugging

In the book 24/6 - The power of unplugging one day a week, the author, Tiffany Shlain, makes a case for why we need to take a day of rest, and unplug from our 24/7 digitally connected world.

Discussing the science and history behind taking weekly rest days across cultures, the author makes a compelling case for turning off all devices once a week.

The following key actions can be found throughout the book:

Unplug Once a Week

Pick a day that works for you and turn off all internet connected devices for 24 hours. Urging that this practice will give your brain, body, and soul a much needed rest from a 24/7 connected world.

Building a Ritual

Continue unplugging on a weekly basis. Explore activities you can do by yourself, or with friends or family in a tech-free environment. The author’s family hosts a weekly tech-free dinner at their home.

Plan Ahead

The author suggests planning ahead for your unplugged, tech-free time. Print out important contact lists, directions to any appointments you may have, and even consider getting a land-line phone for calls.


This book gives insight into the benefits of unplugging one day a week. A simple step-by-step guide on how to unplug followed with tips and ideas of what do to in your tech-free time.

With that being said, I found a large portion of this book to be redundant.

I recommend this book to those who are interested in evaluating their relationship with technology.